What Happens When You Scan An ExtremeTix Ticket?


In a word: Magic! In this highly digital age it is easy to take for granted many things we expect to just happen and rarely stop to think about just how amazing those processes really are. Cellular phones that allow you to call or text someone from almost anywhere in the world, a data storage device smaller than a notepad that can hold a Terrabyte of information (not too long ago you'd need a whole room of computers for that!) or a DVR that lets you record hours of TV in one box! In the event industry one such amazing device is the scanner: scanning a ticket may not seem that complicated until you realize all that happens in mere milliseconds!


  1. Scanner unlocks and validates the Digital Signature in the barcode
  2. Confirms the Event
  3. Validates Gate Open/Close Date and Time
  4. Checks the Ticket ID Number and compares against:
  • Checked In Tickets
  • Reissued Tickets
  • Transferred Tickets
  • Voided Tickets
  1. If ticket appears in list, returns message to reject ticket.
  2. If ticket is accepted the scanner checks if a Gate Server (laptop) is present
  3. The Gate Server constantly looks for other Gate Servers and synchronizes its list of “bad” tickets
  4. If ticket is good, returns “Good Ticket” message on scanner
  5. Stores Ticket ID number in “Checked In” Ticket list (local)
  6. Updates “Checked In” Ticket list on Gate Server
  7. Synchronizes local ticket list with list on Gate Server from other scanners.

Mid Entry Links


Did you know you can use Mid-Entry links on your website to lead purchasers on a direct route to a specific ticket type? The standard purchase page is a list or calendar view of all the events/ticket types you have on sale, but sometimes you may want to explain to purchasers their options in a more image driven or descriptive way on your website before sending them on to make a purchase. This is when a Mid-Entry link can help by taking the purchaser directly from your website to a specific ticket, bypassing the list view like in the example below.





Link to the Purchase List or Calendar view.

Buy Tickets Image or Text Link on Home Page of  Event Website

Purchase Page List View

Purchase Page Directly to Ticket Type VIa Mid-Entry Link

Descriptive Buy Tickets Image or Text Link on Tickets Page of  Your Website

Use a Mid-Entry Link from your website to a specific ticket.

Community Marketing


Big advertising such as radio, television, social media ads and press releases are important to spread the word to a large audience but let's not forget to tap into community organizations to not only increase ticket sales but also expand your volunteer pool and encourage community goodwill. Organizations like schools, scouts, churches, clubs, charities etc are perfect targets for community outreach programs.


  • Utilize promo codes to offer special discounts for students and faculty.
  • Advertise online tickets and discounts in high school/college newspapers and programs.
  • Distribute inexpensive flyers to schools with a discount promo code.
  • Utilize promo codes for school fundraisers. Example: The school will get $2 for every ticket sold online using promo code "winner".
  • Promote your business to local schools as a student field  trip destination. Concluding the tour, provide students with a flyer containing a promo code for a discount to visit again.
  • Donate certificates containing a promo code for a free child's ticket to elementary school students for perfect
  • attendance, straight A's, reading program, science club, etc. When donating certificates, be sure to target kids 12 and under who need adults to accompany and drive them to your event.


Community Organizations: Charities, Clubs Churches and Civil Servants

  • Utilize promo codes to offer special discounts for organizations such as churches, charities, clubs, police departments, fire stations, military personnel, emergency departments, hospitals, medical facilities/clinics & health care professionals.
  • Advertise online tickets and discounts in organization's newsletters and websites.
  • Distribute inexpensive flyers to local organizations with a discount promo code.
  • Utilize promo codes for organization fundraisers.
  • Team up with an organization to advertise advanced online tickets for a designated day or night fundraising
  • event and give a percentage of the proceeds directly to the organization.


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