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What's the most controversial color? Do you know what color  invokes stability?


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Copy Holds From Event to Event

If you take advantage of the 20 hold levels we offer, you are going to love this feature!  Did you know you can copy holds from one event to another? This can be a real time saver and organizational tool especially if you have many events or shows that need the same set of hold levels. Whether for ADA, promoters, sponsors, media, VIPs, whatever the hold level you can maintain the same groupings time after time.


1.  Copy Ticket Holds Icon on Event List

2.  Optional Filter Events (copy to) by Name or by Event Date

3.  Select Hold Level to Copy – or Select All

4.  Select / De-select All Option

5.  Click Process When All Selections Have Been Made

6.  Confirmation Message

Click Here for a full size PDF of the screen-shots.




Making the Most of Your Newsletter


It takes hard work and planning to email out a newsletter consistently so here are a few quick tips to help you make the most of your efforts.


Add Personality

Give people something they will enjoy reading as well as be informed.

• Use eye-pleasing layouts

~Leave some "white space" for a clean easy to read layout. Too much text will "put off" your readers. They will miss important information or not bother reading it at all!

~Use headings, subheadings and bullets to summarize and group information.

• Images and color are still the best way to convey a feeling or message quickly. But don't go overboard and make your readers dizzy!

• Remember, in any eblast your main text and images should be separate in case readers do not have "view images" turned on.


Once you start seeing patterns you can adjust your content and layout accordingly to reach those fans and purchasers!


While the focus here is your newsletter, these tips can be applied to every eblast you send out. For more tips on email marketing view the article Building an Email Relationship.




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