Community Marketing


Big advertising such as radio, television, social media ads and press releases are important to spread the word to a large audience but let's not forget to tap into community organizations to not only increase ticket sales but also expand your volunteer pool and encourage community goodwill. Organizations like schools, scouts, churches, clubs, charities etc are perfect targets for community outreach programs.


  • Utilize promo codes to offer special discounts for students and faculty.
  • Advertise online tickets and discounts in high school/college newspapers and programs.
  • Distribute inexpensive flyers to schools with a discount promo code.
  • Utilize promo codes for school fundraisers. Example: The school will get $2 for every ticket sold online using promo code "winner".
  • Promote your business to local schools as a student field  trip destination. Concluding the tour, provide students with a flyer containing a promo code for a discount to visit again.
  • Donate certificates containing a promo code for a free child's ticket to elementary school students for perfect
  • attendance, straight A's, reading program, science club, etc. When donating certificates, be sure to target kids 12 and under who need adults to accompany and drive them to your event.


Community Organizations: Charities, Clubs Churches and Civil Servants

  • Utilize promo codes to offer special discounts for organizations such as churches, charities, clubs, police departments, fire stations, military personnel, emergency departments, hospitals, medical facilities/clinics & health care professionals.
  • Advertise online tickets and discounts in organization's newsletters and websites.
  • Distribute inexpensive flyers to local organizations with a discount promo code.
  • Utilize promo codes for organization fundraisers.
  • Team up with an organization to advertise advanced online tickets for a designated day or night fundraising
  • event and give a percentage of the proceeds directly to the organization.





Upsell Prompts


Think about being in the checkout line of the grocery store - how many times have  you picked up a pack of gum or a candy bar to add to your purchase just because it was made available to you at that time? The same principle can be applied to your purchase page in the form of Upsell Prompts. We have had clients see a 50% increase in sales simply due to the addition of an Upsell Prompt to their existing purchase page. Many people will purchase items they did not know were available, purchase additional tickets or make a donation simply because they were prompted to do so during the checkout process. Ask your Account Manager about Upsells today!


Parking Passes


Another Ticket Type

VIP / Upgrades


Upsell Examples:

Encourage Buying Online!


In order to encourage people to buy online you need a clear Call-To -Action! Here are some options to consider.

Include a visible CTA button near the top of the page - of every page.

If you offer a discount tell people about it - with CTA buttons and on the ticketing page.

Endorse online purchasing by stating why to buy such as "best value, avoid lines, etc.)


Creating & Managing Discounts


Have a lull in ticket sales? Get customers' attention and drive sales by promoting a limited time offer for your event utilizing the Discount functionality in Self Administration. Create, manage and copy discounts from one event to another by selecting the red ticket icon      next to your event in the Events tab of Self Administration. See example below showing how to create a 4-day deal for $5.00 off all tickets using Promo code Summer. Contact your Account Manager with any questions.

Buy One Get One Free

Dollar Amount - $5.00 Off

Percentage Amount - 10% Off



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